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Inner Conflict (Part 2)


Two weeks ago, we discussed the importance of inner conflict in a novel. This week, we’re referring to James Scott Bell’s book, Write Your Novel From the Middle.

Essentially, our characters, just like us, should walk through our pages with some inner conflict. It makes them human—relatable, if you will—and that keeps our reader believing in our story.

But there comes a moment in every book where the inner conflict almost overwhelms the character. This moment is also possible in real life. We see it in Facebook posts and tragic episodes which tear away at the lives of our friends. Bell calls these moments the mirror moment.

It’s a time period where the character has to look upon themselves. Who have they become? How did this come to pass? Where will they go from here? Can they ever recover?

These pivotal scenes in story often happen smack in the middle of a book. It’s a turning point, a place the character has to choose an identity. So our characters must come to a place, where they face the mirror and they look upon themselves.

Take your favorite novel. Find the mirror moment inside. I guarantee it’s there, and it’s likely, whatever story you’re writing has a mirror moment too. Once you identity it, you can use that moment to deepen the inner conflict and emotion.

Help your reader feel.

This is how deep POV is written into novels. It’s what grasps at the heart of our readers. They know pain. They know doubt. Now let them see it in our fictional worlds too. Our characters carry imperfections, and the war’s they rage will cause them to climb impossible heights to penetrate that mirror. Somewhere after passing through it, we find the happily-ever-after. It’s what gives stories hope.

Does your WIP face the mirror?


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