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Finding Confidence When Fear is Real: A Writing Journey (Part 3)


There’s a dangerous balance between claiming a story is “God-given” and writing a story with the desire to bring God glory. Biblical writers had inspired words driven to the page by God’s own word (2 Timothy 3:16-17, 2 Peter 1:21). We, on the other hand, may feel compelled or even called to write a story with a certain theme, but we are not writing equivalent to the Biblical writers of the past.


Agent blogs warn against claiming “God-given” inspiration and with good reason. Feelings cause many a writer to claim they are called by God, but our feelings can deceive us. When we receive the dreaded “no” or “not yet”, a lie we’ve fed into our minds may cause us to resist the necessary growth to reach publication. It’s a sad, unfortunate fact that we would esteem ourselves so high.

That being said, there’s an opposite spectrum we must consider. For some writers who receive the “no” or “not yet” reply, they may assume it means writing is not God’s will for their life. That writer must first take a step back to pray. God very well may have another direction for him to take, or God may simply call him to the Biblical attributes of prayer, humility, patience, endurance, and hard work.

In all of life, we should seek God’s glory first. For the Christian writer, writing should never be about you. You haven’t earned this talent. It’s a gift. It’s one that requires time. If you’re struggling with confidence, it helps to realize the whole process is not yours. Now, this doesn’t negate accountability, but it leaves the journey open to God’s leading. Acknowledge that first, and you’ll begin to understand wherever you are in the process, it is still well.

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