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Connecting with Your Audience (Part 2)


Whether at a conference or sitting at home reading a blog post, I’ve heard many writers mention the moment their book “clicked”.

Every writer has to come to a point where they engage with their own writing before expecting a reader to do the same. How do we come to such terms with a piece many of us have edited multiple times? How do we achieve a connection with something of our own creation?

Time and time again, most writers I’ve encountered say it has to become personal. That doesn’t mean to tell your life story in full, but it does mean relate with your reader by attaching the hardships of reality. What personal experiences have you endured that you could share through your characters? 

See, most likely you understand those experiences best. You can show the feelings, the turmoil, the pain, because it’s real to you. You’ve endured it. Whether you reveal a personal conflict or simply a theme that’s driven your life, drawing on something that you’ve experienced makes you improve as a writer.

In time, many writers find this enhances and becomes the key component to a successful story. Our readers connect with reality. They too have lived it, so most likely, someone who picks up your novel has experienced something similar in their life. The art of many stories is the revealing of truth through our characters’ journeys. You can give a reader hope, spread awareness about a cause, or start a campaign to change someone’s life. Stories are powerful, the question is, does your WIP carry that power? If you feel your novels lacking, maybe a personal component is missing? 

Step up. Edit again. You have the chance to change someone’s life. Who needs your story?

3 thoughts on “Connecting with Your Audience (Part 2)

  1. Great advice, Kailee. But hard, as well. It’s hard sharing personal bits of our stories online. Scary. But I often think just what you said, “Who needs my story?” And that compassion bring the courage to share! Thanks for encouraging us all!!

    1. Hi Sheila, thanks for visiting today. Yes, it’s so hard to face our audience with openness. I don’t think we have to present every part of our story to the world, but it’s wonderful to at least metaphorically do so through fiction. When I’m able, I also like to present my real-life lessons here. That does take more bravery, but like you noted, someone might need to hear it. We live in a world where people search for answers online. We might as well provide some of the solution through our written words.

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