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Writer’s Block: A Familiar Foe (Part 3)

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Sometimes writer’s block requires an author to walk away from their WIP for a brief spell, but we know that doesn’t always work. There are days we have to push through the stall. The trouble is, we can’t always escape by force either. So what other ways can we overcome writer’s block?

Solution 3: Read. It may sound like a method to take a break, but reading is actually a tool to train your brain. As you read, process what you like about the writer’s style. What works when the story lulls? How does the author continue to draw you forward?

Our writing has to have something pushing us. When we discover these subtle details in another author’s plot, it helps us pinpoint what’s dragging our own story back. Sometimes simply learning from someone else can help us move beyond writer’s block.

The other benefit to reading is that it makes your brain begin to think again. Suddenly, a story is developing that wasn’t there before. You can use this energy to bounce back into creating.

So whether you push through until your fingers fly across the keyboard or pick up a book to create some new ideas, you can conquer writer’s block. Put something to paper, even if it doesn’t seem great at the time. Edit it later. You’re a writer, and we all have bad days. It’s how you conquer those mountains that makes your future in this industry.

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