Monday's Motivation

Writer’s Block: A Familiar Foe (Part 2)


Whether you’re just starting out a chapter or editing that WIP for the hundredth time, writer’s block has the potential to strike at the heart of your passion. It hits when we’re least expecting it, and it feels like a train wreck as we work our way through.

Sometimes a writer needs to push beyond that blockade though. Last week, we discussed leaving our writing for a time, and this certainly works in some scenarios. But what about when we can’t leave the page? When do you know to stay seated and work the inability to type? Let’s reflect on two possible scenarios:

1. Don’t leave if you’ve already taken that short break. If you’ve stepped away from the keyboard and your outlet didn’t inspire creativity, don’t walk away again. It’s a waste of valuable writing time, and it easily can become an excuse.

2.  Don’t leave if you’re on a deadline. If you’re working on a time constraint, leaving the keyboard may not be the best idea. You have a goal to meet.

So if we can’t or shouldn’t walk away, how do we overcome writer’s block?

Solution #2: We write through the train wreck.

You may feel the words aren’t coming to the page with ease. Perhaps, everything you’ve typed feels like garbage. That’s okay–write anyways. When you begin to edit, try to pick out these scenes at a later date. Sometimes you’ll find them. Other times you won’t. When you do spot a scene where the writing isn’t smooth, work over it again. Eventually, it will improve.

But by forcing your hand to the keyboard on days when it just doesn’t want to type, you actually reduce the possibility of writer’s block. Practice makes perfect. Make your brain exercise on the hard days. It tones the habit just like a basketball player conditioning before the season. So, even if it feels like a train wreck, sit down at the keyboard today and type.

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