Tuesday's Thought

A Perfect Life (Part 1)


When I search for perfection on my own, it’s my pride on the line. It’s a struggle for my will and what I perceive to take me forward. But if I place God in the agenda, it becomes about where He has me, the blessing He’s given, and seeking His purpose first.

Whether it’s a career, a dating relationship, or the perfect home, we often forget the source of perfection. It’s not something we can find or obtain on our own. It’s not about our desires or the areas of life we crave to control. No, true perfection lies only with Christ.

For by one offering He has perfected for all time those who are sanctified.

Hebrew 10:14

Through Christ’s death, we receive freedom, a choice, a chance for us to choose something better. Ironically, we often forget that perfection can’t be found in pursuit of anything or anyone less. You can’t fix your career, your marriage, your home. You can’t fix life, at least not on your own.

That’s where we stumble.

If we want something perfect, than we have to start with Christ. Make Him first. Pursue Him most, and allow Him to change you.

2 thoughts on “A Perfect Life (Part 1)

    1. Hi Shelli, yes and how often I’ve needed this reminder in my own life. There’s something wonderful about grace in the midst of our flaws. Thanks for sharing your heart!

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