Monday's Motivation

Good Enough (Part 3)


Over the past few weeks, we’ve talked about overcoming doubt and ways that we can feel more confident in our writing. Today, we’re finishing this topic with some final tips.

Doubt can stagnant your WIP. It causes us to lose our love for writing, and strains each sentence with fear. However, we don’t have to let it reign over us. Not only can we improve our writing, but we have ways to grow our craft.

1. Become a great reader.

Read what you love. Figure out what a particular author does that attracts you to their work. Study their writing.

2. Grow in the craft.

Read books by authors for authors. Hone in on your weaknesses and strengthen them with help from someone more experienced.

No writer is perfect. Have you ever read a book and found a flaw? Even the best authors sometimes have one. Take time to grow in the craft, but find confidence in what you learn. Someday others will read your work. Let that moment come at your best. Let it reflect the effort and time you’ve endeavored into this journey. And on that day, may you begin to teach the craft to someone still in the trenches of doubt. Happy writing, friends!

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