Monday's Motivation

Write a Novel Around Your Busy Schedule (Part 3)


Commitment is huge when it comes to a successful writing journey. For me, I find treating writing as a job keeps me accountable.

That means, I have to “report” in within a certain timeframe. It means that sometimes, I have to stay home and work. …And yes, it means that I plan for time off in advance.

This week, with Christmas approaching, I know many writers have stepped back from social media to spend time with their families, but some still work on deadlines to accomplish the elusive book. When it comes to writing around the holidays, plan in advance.

Do you have a deadline or personal goal to meet? Determine when and where those words will be written. This can leave you with days to enjoy time with family. As writers, many of us are not plotters. We don’t like to plan, but sometimes a little foresight can free us for the important things.

Yes, unplug from social media. Leave your phone on silent. Worry about meeting the deadline, but otherwise, know when to step back. Some goals are bigger than others in life. Writing a novel, yes, that’s huge, but don’t forget, so is family, food around the table, and the celebration with those you love.

Writing becomes a novelist’s life in many aspects. It’s important to let it consume chunks of time. But on occasion, set it back in its place, behind the truly important things. Tomorrow, the keyboard will still await…

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