Monday's Motivation

Write a Novel Around Your Busy Schedule (Part 2)


Writing on the bad days. So you’re doing your best to make time for the keyboard, but when you sit down, it’s a struggle. Every sentence seems painstakingly poised to harm the soul of your piece, and you feel like you’re wasting time.

Writers have bad days. You’ve carved a small amount of time out of your very busy schedule. Sometimes when you sit down the inspiration is there. Other days, you feel like you can’t even write at all. When your writing time is ruined  by lack of inspiration or just plain “bad” writing, remember the following:

1.) Avoid discouragement. It will keep you from your writing time. Understand that all writers have “good” and “bad” days. Writing through these times makes you a real professional.

2.) Read. If you want to become a better writer, read the best in your genre. Discover how other authors handle the plot of their story or the relationship between characters. Determine what turns you away from certain authors. What makes writing good?

3.) Grab a coffee. Seriously, indulge in some sort of treat to pep up your day. Get your mind flowing again.

4.) Remember, every paragraph counts. You may only finish a small section in one sitting. That’s okay. Just write. Write the best and the worst. Later, go back edit out the bad. You may even surprise yourself. Sometimes what seems bad ends up being great.

Don’t torture yourself when the words aren’t falling to paper. You’re a writer. This is something you can handle. This is what makes you a professional…

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