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Write a Novel Around Your Busy Schedule (Part 1)


At my house, there are dishes to wash, a table that needs sealed (Yep, you read that right!), and suitcases that haven’t been put away. The living room needs swept. The floors could use a mop, and every bathroom could use a scrub. In the midst of this, I also must finish the laundry and start baking cookies for Christmas. So where does writing fit?

The truth is, this week it doesn’t, or at least, it shouldn’t. I have too much on my plate, and yet, somehow writing will wiggle its way into each day. This got me thinking: How do I make time when the schedule gets busy? What are some practical everyday tips to finish that novel? Over the next three weeks, we’re going to discuss how we can become productive writers. If you have any advice to add, please include them in the comments below.

1.) Jot down ideas while they’re near. I have a rule. If a phrase or paragraph strikes me, and I can’t type it to keyboard, I send myself a text. This lets me use the thought later without stalling my day.

2.) Set standards. Have expectations for your writing. Each day, plan how much time to set aside towards your goal. You are the boss, so require that 30 min. or those 2 hours every single day.

3.) Disregard social media. We waste so much time indulging in posts and news feeds; instead, set aside a small part of your day for these activities. During the remaining time, make your phone off limits. This will increase actual writing time. (Struggling with social media? Check out this three week series!)

4.) Plan ahead. If you’re like me, family comes first. Sometimes my nephew wants a day at the park, or my sisters ask to go shopping. I set aside time for the important things in my life, and you should too. Make up for the time you lose by requiring a longer writing period on another day. Remember these days are the exception, not the rule…

Finally, check back here over the next two weeks. We have tips to still discuss, and of course, lots of writing ahead of us!


3 thoughts on “Write a Novel Around Your Busy Schedule (Part 1)

  1. I write scenes in my head, commit to write something every day and have begun to use my phone’s voice recorder on my walks even though I hate listening to my voice. Little things, but I find that God keeps writing even when the busyness of life keeps me from the keyboard. And like you, I write things down no matter where I am. I’ve just finished a novel that began with an idea written on a napkin 😉 I think it’s the best one yet. God is so good!

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