Monday's Motivation

Increase Your Novel’s Tension (Part 3)

As we’ve discussed how to increase tension, we’ve primarily focused on the external conflicts. But the internal conflict may matter just as much, if not more.
We write stories for imperfect people, in an imperfect world. Many readers desire the happily-ever-after. I don’t think this irony should be lost on us. See, our readers engage with story to find hope, peace, and truth. In our novels, we can best reach these readers with a level of internal realism.

Just as they struggle, our characters should struggle. Whether it’s self-doubt, fear, bitterness, or rage, let your character fight the unseen. This internal pain can carry a bigger purpose. In it, you can intertwine a story’s theme or the purpose for your writing. As a result, our readers relate to the characters and may find a nugget of truth in their story for life. That’s a great reason to write. May it carry you through another week!

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