Monday's Motivation

How to Right Writer’s Block

Writer’s block–it may come on suddenly during a scene or at the very beginning of your novel. Every writer experiences this syndrome in a unique way, and each project may encounter it somewhere new. So what’s the remedy for this unpredictable syndrome?

1. Take a break. It may sound counterproductive, but our brain often overheats. Give it a chance to cool, and when you’re itching to write again, hit the keyboard refreshed.

2. Read a book. Picking up a novel in your genre often gets the brain firing. You relax, fears subside, and ideas begin.

3. Exercise. Face it, sometimes our body needs movement. When your brain freezes, get your body moving. After an hour, hit the keyboard again.

4. Force forward. If all else fails, brainstorm the routes ahead and keep writing. You have the ability to correct the blockade. Pushing your brain beyond, strengthens your writing craft.

Sometimes as writers we face impossible mountains. Often, we traverse these alone. If you’re struggling with writer’s block, develop a plan. Stay accountable. Don’t quit. You have a remedy within reach.

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