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Obtaining Your Goals (Part 2): Pacing


As creatives, we sometimes struggle with finishing our writing in a designated timeframe. We can grow towards these goals though.

1.) Write everyday. Chart the number of words you write and determine an average.

2.) Make that average your target. Determine how many days it will take to reach your word count goals using this figure.

3.) Mark on a calendar your end date. Then, begin writing! Everyday stretch towards your average goal. Sometimes, you’ll write under. Other days, you’ll write over, but everyday WRITE.

Life gets complicated. We sometimes lose our writing time. It’s okay. Don’t quit. If you miss a day, divide these words throughout the rest of your week. It’s acceptable to take days off. Just be sure to always include this on your calendar. Make days off the exception and not the rule.

Eventually, if you stick to it, you should have a completed novel. We writers like to fantasize our lives, but the truth is writing takes work. It requires of your gifts and talents, but it will also challenge your weaknesses. May the journey hone your skills…

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