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The Stall (Part 2)


Last week, we started a new series that focused on “the stalls” we sometimes experience in life. Whether you’re waiting on marriage, children, a career, or some other request, join us to explore God’s answers during our season of waiting.

When I think of a stalled life, the story of Abraham and Sarah comes to mind from the Bible. Do you remember it? God had promised Abraham as many descendants as the stars.

As an elderly man, this promise must have felt spectacular! His wife, Sarah, apparently wanted children too, but they had never conceived a child of their own. With doubt in their hearts, they developed a plot to fulfill God’s plans on their own.

Sarah offered Abraham a servant, and from this woman, a son was born. But he was not their son, nor was he the one God had promised (Genesis 17:19).

Interestingly enough, sometimes I think we do the exact same in our lives. Have you struggled with waiting for God to fulfill a prayer request? Do you wrestle with bitterness or anger when the answer seems to be “no”? Have no fear!

From my own journey and the truth in God’s Word, let’s explore some practical truths:

1.) Know the best life comes from obedience to God. When we fail to obey God, life gets messy. Abraham’s story illustrates this perfectly. Maybe you’re waiting for a spouse. Wait for someone truly enthralled with God. Anyone less, doesn’t deserve your hand and will only complicate life. Whatever your season, God’s best always comes through obedience. Dig deep in His Word and follow Him in your waiting.

2.) Take your desires to God in prayer and wait patiently. Last week, we discussed God’s character. Take your prayers before Him, and rest at His feet. If He cares for the sparrows, how much more does He care for our needs.

3.) Trust God’s plan for your life. Sometimes after desperate prayers and obedience, God still seems to say “wait” or “no”. Like in Abraham’s story, God might have a bigger plan in mind. We know that He gives us all according to His will (1 John 5:14-15), and God is far more knowledgeable than us.

I constantly cling to God’s sovereignty. In everything He does, God is fully in control. Because we know His character, it is okay for our requests to not always receive the answer we desire. God still has a plan. Let Him lead your life on the journey that’s best.

2 thoughts on “The Stall (Part 2)

  1. Thanks Kailee, I am coming out of a weird season where my mind was stalled in some kind of fog. Life was still happening, but my mind was in turmoil. It was from disobedience of not fully following God’s lead. Like Abraham and Sarah, I listened to opinions of others and decided to compromise. Never a good idea. I regret the lost time, but God redeems. Who knows, perhaps even this comment will move someone out of compromise and into fully following God. Thanks again. Have a great week!

    1. Thanks for sharing Patty. It isn’t always easy to obey, but it is best. Long-term, if we’re willing, I think we often see the fruits of our waiting. Abraham and Sarah certainly did! Blessings! ❤

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