Monday's Motivation

Sensing the Right Setting (Part 2)

Last week, we discussed characters, atmosphere, and plot. These should drive the setting of your novel.But there’s perhaps one other more important factor to consider when choosing a setting–that is, you must consider your own preferences.
Your characters have to live wherever you place them, but you have the opportunity to choose an ideal world. It takes time and endurance to write a novel. You’ll have to visit the place you create.

So whether through weeks of laborious research or days of fantasizing, you will place your time in a location you’ve imagined. How long can you endure?

See, as writers, we must develop a passion for our stories, but novels take months, perhaps years, to create. In that time, we have to grow a love for a fictional world, a place etched within our dreams.

Through that love, we market books, and motivate others to join us in the pages. So if you’re choosing a setting, pick a sustainable place. Come to love the local. Build your story around these elements and feature your passion within the pages.

Your readers will catch on too…

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