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Rejection with Dignity (Part 3)


Rejection is not personal. This was a theme Steve Laube emphasized at his ACFW workshop.

It’s not about you. It’s about the writing, maybe even the genre, but not you…

So why do we as writers take rejection so personal?

This is easy to answer. We’ve invested part of ourselves into the pieces we write. Whether that’s time, personal experiences, or even our emotions, we’ve invested in that manuscript. It becomes hard for us to separate the personal from the writing.

But we must separate them.

To grow as a writer, means we face rejection daily. If we don’t separate ourselves from the writing, we will likely fail in this industry. Worse, we may grow bitter. We’ve all met those writers. Don’t become one.

Instead, face rejection with dignity.

Prepare for it with a critique group or partner. Allow them a chance to honestly review your work. Encourage them to tell you what doesn’t seem right. Develop a backbone, and thank them for such feedback. The positive and the negative can benefit you. Use whatever they offer to review your piece with fresh eyes.

Fix the errors and always begin anew. You’re growing. You’re writing, and the rough draft is part of that process. Accept your mistakes, and above all, keep learning…


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