Monday's Motivation

Rejection with Dignity (Part 2)

The hardest part of rejection is the fear. We must consider whether the opinions of others hold some validity. Only a fool would say their work is perfected.
So what happens when our work receives rejection for a legitimate reason?

Well, that’s when we should discover gratitude. This is hard with rejection, but the editor or agent has spared you from making the same mistake again.

They have offered an insight that could possibly interest someone else in the future, so review your manuscript. Decide whether the feedback’s legitimate. Take a genuine look. If you step away without fixing the issue, have good reason. Know why the feedback isn’t right for your book. Understand the market. The editor or agent has greater insight than you. Is their feedback about your book’s saleability? Take this to heart.

As you receive feedback, believe in your work, not with stubborn obstinance, but with logic. Why is your piece deserving of publication? 

…No, really answer that question. 

What have you done to learn the craft? How have you grown as a writer? 

Once you support your belief, keep writing, keep pursuing. Rejection is afterall, simply a means to publication.

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