Monday's Motivation

Writing Conference: How to Handle Nerves


Are you nervous about a conference?

Have no fears, you aren’t alone. As I’ve prepared, my nerves have gone from non-existence to intense. I’ve read every blog, searched the internet for advice, and tried to ease the worst of my worries. Those stubborn nerves only increased though.

I’m a perfectionist and realizing I can’t control the unknown hit me hard. The more my nerves increased, the more I realized they would only hinder me. How could I get rid of them for good?

Well, as a Christian writer, I first took it before God. He cares about my fears, and desires to have conversation with me over them. See this Tuesday Thought for more. And you know what happened? My nerves decreased. God knows the best plans for my life. I can trust Him with whatever the outcome.

Next, I began practicing. I prepared for the conference in advance, and these final few weeks, I am practicing several times a day. At first, this increased my nerves. My pitch didn’t come out smooth or conversational. But the more I practiced, the easier it became. I found family and friends to share in my practice sessions. They offered advice, and again, my confidence boosted.

Finally, I planned. I’ve made a choice to make this conference the best possible. I will invest in relationships with others, because my fears are not unique. Not only am I able to ease my nerves by encouraging those I meet, I can also make the conference more enjoyable for someone else.

Whether you’re attending ACFW with me or venturing to another conference, I hope you find the experience enjoyable. Take the opportunity to learn. You’ll probably have some lingering nerves, and that’s okay. We’re in this together, and I wish you the best in your writing journey!


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