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Writing Conference: Packing Tips


At the end of this month, I’m preparing to attend the ACFW conference. For the next few weeks, I want to share with you the preparation tips I’ve found most helpful.

WEEK 1: Packing

The church I attend is rather large and much like a conference room in size. Every Sunday, I regret my wardrobe. I sit in my seat and huddle with my hands wrapped around my husband’s arm. By now, I should know to dress for the cold interior, but I tend to never get my wardrobe right. This leads us to our first conference tip.

1. Pack layers. You can always shed a shawl or sweater later. 

Are you planning on pitching to agents/editors?

2. Check the list twice. Each agent or editor has various requirements for pitching. Make sure you bring all the materials required.

Did you forget something?

3. It happens. Perhaps, add your flashdrive or computer to the list. This allows you to have access to all the material you planned on bringing…just in case…

Remember the first time you had to use a locker in school? Where did you carry everything?

4. Don’t be the binder trap kid; instead, bring a professional portfolio or bag to carry your materials in an organized manner.

Okay, I have my bag, but what should I put inside?

5. You’re attending this conference to grow, so plan on taking notes. Maybe place some pens, a notebook/journal, and business cards inside. 

Plan on meeting new faces.

6. Bring a one sheet to introduce your completed work. Have contact information on hand.

Most of all, smile and relax. You’re there to learn. Enjoy the opportunity! Next week, we’ll discuss in more depth your one sheet and how to prepare it. Have a wonderful week!



4 thoughts on “Writing Conference: Packing Tips

  1. Great tips! I will be there as well and I would have never thought of the professional bag. Until I read this, I was just planning on throwing everything into my backpack, now I will scrounge around my husband’s work bags and see if I can steal one for the weekend.

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