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Social Media: Perfect Your Pictures


I am not by any means tech savvy, but I’ve learned some tricks from those far better than myself. If you want to be successful on social media, pictures are key.

You know it’s important to avoid copyrighted material, so how can you find the right stock image? You need one for each of your social media sites. A quick google search for stock photos will take you to websites charging sometimes upwards of several hundred dollars for a single photo. That’s ridiculous and not worth your investment. What should a writer do?

Use free material websites, like Unsplash. But what if I write historical fiction?–They don’t carry the types of pictures I need. This is when I have to get more creative. I don’t have a fancy photo editing program on hand, but there are several free online programs. I personally prefer Pixlr. It does take some time to learn. If you need help, use YouTube to watch tutorials and practice. Pixlr allows you to create and splice new material for advertising, and I’ve found it helpful for historical fiction posts.

However, sometimes pictures don’t need such extensive edits. Maybe the photo just needs my logo or website attached. Maybe I just want to add a saying or quote to intrigue my viewers. There’s an app for that! I use Studio to make simple edits and fun quotes on photos. As a writer, we always discuss balancing our social media time with our actual writing time. This app can help.

For writers, social media makes or breaks our careers. Especially if you aren’t so tech savvy, like me, it’s difficult to produce something professional. Pictures, however, increase the level of your material. It adds intrigue, and becomes a walking advertisement for your brand.

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