Monday's Motivation

Editing Tip #1: Maintain Tension

I tried everything to get to sleep last night...#bookquotes -

As we write, we sometimes allow the strain to ease. Great books maintain tension!

What keeps your reader interested? It likely isn’t the characters or their chance to find true love. It’s the unresolved problems.

For editing tip #1, I suggest you review tension. Is it present throughout your manuscript? Are there scenes without a rising sense of a problem? When do you feel bored? Why is it that?

I’ll read most books I pick off the shelf. There are two reasons why they may return unread. The first is word choice, but the second is tension. I want to feel my pulse rise. Those books are the bestsellers.

Editing takes work, but so does reading. We want our readers to forget their doing work. Allow the reader to enjoy the journey through your story. Revising scenes and plots is sometimes the hardest part about editing, but remember your end goal. Your work is worth the finished product.

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