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Do Your Readers See Your Character?

At the core of any story are the characters. Whether the reader falls in love with them or grows to despise them, is entirely up to the writer. But what if the reader can’t fully picture the character? What if they don’t believe your story?

There’s several ways to create a believable character.

Ambition- Give your character a purpose. What is her goal throughout the novel? Make the purpose believable. Readers relate and believe everyday situations, but complicate your character’s purpose by adding blockades in her roadway.

Unique Language- Use language characteristic to each character. No one talks exactly like everyone else. Characters should talk unique to their background, personality, and individual quirks. If you met your character, how would he sound? What would help your reader envision the character in your head? Be specific and detailed in this area. Hint…find and replace is your greatest ally.

Specific Details- Add unique attributes to your character. Some characters are odd. Make them even more so…your ordinary characters still need hidden secrets and characteristics. Intrigue your reader. Give your characters depth.

Failures- Your reader is not perfect, neither are you. Include some imperfections in your characters. Let them fail. How your character grows and handles their failures make them more realistic.

Writing is a marathon. Your reader will likely never understand the depths you’ve gone to develop your WIP. That’s okay. When you create believable characters, your reader questions the truth. That’s our job! I heard of one novel recently where historical characters blended so naturally with the fictional, readers questioned who was real. That’s our goal, and it’s worth accomplishing.


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