Monday's Motivation

Optimize Your Writing Time


Today, I’m tired, and I don’t feel like writing…So why am I here? I’m here, because I’m accountable to my readers. It’s a writing productivity problem. Most writers struggle to stay diligent to the craft. So how can we be more productive?

1.) Be accountable. Set regular writing hours and a time your audience can expect to hear from you. Be consistent. Follow through with writing during those times. This is huge if you have children. Work with your spouse or a friend to make this time available for you.

2.) Treat writing like you treat a job. You may not have a boss looking over your shoulder, but you have clients (readers). Be reliable for them. Make writing a priority.

3.) Create a a dedicated workspace. Move to that area when it’s time to write. Prepare your workspace for optimum focus.

4.) Delete distractions. Avoid working in front of the television. Only answer the phone for emergencies. This is your writing time. Make it valuable.

5.) Set aside time for social media. If you’ve started to develop social platforms, you need specific times to answer readers and enhance those platforms. Don’t spend your writing time focusing in this area. Leave your phone outside your workspace. Only use the internet for writing and research. Otherwise, you’ll be tempted to stop at each beep or buzz.

Every writer struggles to write at times. Recognize this and don’t be discouraged by it; instead, use this knowledge to plan ahead. Planning out your writing time allows you to stay consistent and accountable. Write through writer’s block with optimal conditions.

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