Monday's Motivation

Learning What’s Write

The weeks have flown. I’m excited about checking in with you today. As usual, Monday and Tuesday will be Whippercreek workdays this week. I’ll spend them writing a few more chapters and editing the chapter published here. On Wednesday another chapter will be released for Whippercreek. (Hint…the long awaited meeting may happen…so you’ll want to check back…)

I’ll also edit my other manuscript on Wednesday and Thursday. I’m specifically working on prepositional phrases and smoothing out scenes for the best possible read.

My life is kind’ve crazy right now. I’m looking into the ACFW conference. It’s really a dream come true.

Every day, I have a blank page staring back at me. I make decisions about Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I Google ways to build more followers, and there are moments, I feel out of my league. I’d venture to say I’m not the only writer who feels overwhelmed at times. Here’s some helpful reminders in those moments:

  1. I write for something bigger than this detail.
  2. I’m in for the long haul. This is just the beginning.
  3. I’m learning and that’s actually good. It’s okay to not know everything.
  4. I should enjoy the progress. Take joy in the small steps.
  5. I shouldn’t despise rejection. It’s a chance to learn, a chance to start fresh.
  6. I understand an opinion is just someone’s thoughts. Is there something I can learn from this?
  7. I can do better. This is not my best. It’s okay to edit…again.
  8. I’ll know when it’s finished or time to move on.
  9. I have worked hard. I have been patient. I have done my best.
  10. I will keep writing.

Help me out today…What keeps you motivated? What have you learned on your writing journey?

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