Stories with a Legacy



Last week, we learned about Henry Plummer, and the not-so-good “good guys” of the west.

I wanted to finish his story. After Plummer’s death, vigilante justice continued around Bannack for the first 6 weeks of 1864.

It ended in the region after that, but swelled in other parts of Montana up until statehood. One of the more interesting facts about vigilante justice is the numbers 3-7-77. These numbers are worn by state troopers today in honor of those citizens who set out to first patrol the region. Ironically, its meaning is only a guess. The numbers were written to suspected outlaws prior to justice being served. Some believe they point out the size of the perpetrator’s grave. Others believe it was the amount of time the wanted man had to get out of town. The vigilantes kept this secret to their graves, so we may never know the real purpose behind the numbers. It’s intriguing to me that these so-called warnings would be kept secret, but I’m only taking in these events from the distance of time.

On another note, this particular day is important to me. It’s the day we remember God’s love for us, and His son’s death on our behalf. Let those thoughts resonate with you. If you’re a history buff, the greatest story of all time was written for you. History proves it. It’s worth investigating the facts to find answers.

Wishes for a wonderful weekend, happy Friday!

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