Stories from the West


Today, I posed a question to followers on Facebook. Would you rather live in 1864 Montana Territory or 1778 Colonial Rhode Island? My two novels are based in these time periods. Each Wednesday, I share the novel about Montana’s history here.

Did you know often a faint line was drawn between the “good guys” and “bad guys” in the west? The good guys even sometimes turned out to be the perpetrators. Take the case of Henry Plummer. Plummer was a sheriff in a Bannack, MT. The area around Bannack was known for robberies, and Plummer was excused. History still debates his innocence, but the accusations caused town citizens to hang him from his own gallows. He’s remembered for being an individual with questionable motives. What I find most intriguing about his story is the fact that he was not alone? In towns across the west, there’s a blend between right and wrong. Look at Tombstone. Look at the history and lives of those who claimed an untamed land. Certainly, there were families and average, normal people too, but the stories we hear today are of the people who sought to tame the west. Rough individuals, who in their own way, left a namesake.

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