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Carried by a Sovereign God


I recently read a blog post by another writer about God’s sovereignty. It is the most comforting thought to know when I lack wisdom or don’t know what route to take, God already is working His plan.

Sometimes there’s not a right or wrong answer. Sometimes a decision isn’t wise or not wise. It just is–and God gives us the option to make choices. When decisions about college, dating, or careers are thrown into our lives, we stress and worry about making the right decision. While prayer and God’s Word should direct our steps, God doesn’t always point in a given direction. Sometimes He lets us a choose. What a statement on His love!

Sometimes our all-sovereign God allows us to make a decision. The thought overwhelms me; however, even better than this knowledge, is the realization that somehow He’s still sovereign. My decision doesn’t mess up His plans. He still uses it for good, and He knew what I’d decide beforehand.

I think that’s why when I doubt my decisions about writing for a career, or other choices I’ve made in the past, I can always come back to two questions. Was it right? Was it wise? And if I truly answer “yes” according to God’s Word and the conviction He’s given me in my heart, I can continue on my path with confidence.

That doesn’t mean God will always work out my route according to my plans. He’s on His agenda, but sometimes, He takes our ordinary lives and lets us make a decision. He uses our decision for good and for His eternal plan. The concept is a profound comfort and one I’m still working at understanding this side of Heaven.

But as someone, who has changed course over the past few months, and sometimes feels doubt about her decisions. I rest in the fact that my God reigns over heaven and earth, and He continues to work His plan. Whatever part I play, it will be good.

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