The Story of a Changing Land

The story of Whippercreek takes place in Montana Territory, during a time in which the countryside was wild. The people who chose to live in this place were rough too. Over the next several weeks, I’ll bring you stories from this era of Montana history.

Bannack is now a state park, but at one time, it thrived as a mining town. The roads leading away from the region were known for bandits and raids. Murder ran high, and characters with tainted reputations resided there. Despite this, the town also contained families and children. If you visit the Meade Hotel today, you’ll be told a story about Native American raids. During at least one such raid, the children were sealed into the hotel’s safe for protection. Can you imagine?

This is the colorful land where my story, Whippercreek, takes place. In the coming Fridays, I look forward to sharing more history tales from the region.

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