Wednesdays in Whippercreek

Meet Cade Rivers and Ella Whitley

Welcome to Wednesdays in Whippercreek! I’m so glad you joined me today. Below you’ll find a back cover copy for this FREE novel, which will be released by scene starting on 3/16. I hope you enjoy visiting Whippercreek with me.

pine on hill

Whippercreek is a place where a brook ripples down through a valley, surrounded by jagged peaks on all sides. A place where wildflowers intermix with tall yellow grasses and the crisp air intertwines with the sun’s warm rays. A place most would love to call home, but for Ella Whitley, Whippercreek hasn’t been called that for some time. Can a stranger change her heart?

Introducing himself as Cade Stevens, Ella falls for his rugged charms. But she doesn’t realize Cade carries a hidden burden and a past bound to find him. As she develops a love for the valley and a particular liking for him, will his secrets tear apart their new found home?

An adventure through 1864 Montana Territory, Wednesdays in Whippercreek will bring you into a world of heartache, faith, and love. Come join us each Wednesday for an adventure in the valley.


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