Tuesday's Thought

Hope Will Rise


Today is the first official Tuesday’s Thought. If you haven’t ventured over to Facebook, follow my author’s page there for blog updates and writing news.

As a Christian, the core of how I live is always Christ, what He’s done for me, and how desperately I need Him. It’s not a weakness to admit I’d be lost without Him.

I grew up in church. I wasn’t an especially “bad” kid. I think most people live this way. We don’t see our need for a Savior, because overall, we aren’t particularly any worse than anyone else. We even try to do the right thing.

In my novel, I have a character who feels this way too. She grew up “right”. She found pride in her standards, in how she lived, but underneath something was missing. When trouble comes, she has to decide if she can control her own destiny. Like this character, we all face experiences in life we can’t explain. Things are sometimes out of control. We grasp to take hold of situations, but sometimes our problems are too big. We realize we can’t handle our destinies.

This realization strikes to our core. Like my character, we notice something bigger has to be in play. For me, that something is Christ–fully God, fully man. Someone who offers to live life by our side, to take control when we aren’t able, to even forgive us when we mess up. I recognized my lack of control as a child. I needed someone greater than myself. Thankfully, He carries me through hard seasons. They still come, but I have the greatest answer within me.

My characters learn He is able to do far more abundantly than anything she asks or thinks. We too can trust His promises.

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