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Opening Your Love Story

Is it me, or do our souls crave love in a tangible way? Do you ever feel as if you act a certain way in front of others, because you’re seeking acceptance by them? Do you desire a relationship or a more intimate marriage?

I think we all want to believe in a love of deep personal sacrifice–a soul-quenching kind of love. We yearn for intimacy. Someone who sees our very essence and doesn’t run ashamed. Who instead, joyfully embraces the secrets, our quirkiness, our entire being. The type of individual who smiles, because our vulnerability is the very same thing that draws him towards us. It’s raw-real-true-love. Picture it. There’s no fear. A confidence instead replaces what could’ve shaken our souls. It’s a gentle love. It’s faithful through and through, but it’s also full of adventure. All we have to do is take the extended hand and follow. Through the bumps and over the mountains, but this lover is always with us. We could endure anything with him by our side.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find such a love?

But perhaps, the love is even greater still. To the point, that he would lay his life down to save yours. That’s a picture of God’s love for us. That’s the picture of a Christian walking with Jesus.

When deciding upon my writing genre, one thing rang constant for me. I desired to write Christian fiction. I also desired to write romance novels, but the two could never be separate. For the love that our soul craves, comes from someone far more loving than any human. If my writing is to have purpose, may it be that the love stories I write always point to the greatest lover.

God’s love is better, is deeper, than any human relationship to be found. Invest in the truest lover of your soul. He won’t disappoint your heart. He promises to always keep it, to protect it, but you have to give Him your hand. Let Him open the new chapter.

Romans 10:9

If you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.


4 thoughts on “Opening Your Love Story

  1. Kailee, this is eloquently written. You are so right about the love of God being inseparable from anything we write and anything we do in life. A beautiful tangle of love.

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