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When Your Heart’s Journey Seems Long

Marriage is not the end all be all. You were not created for marriage, but ironically, you were created for love. You have a deep need and longing to be loved. Marriage was created to help point us to this need. It was not created to fulfill it.

The day you marry, your spouse will never fulfill your need for love. Your spouse will never fulfill your self-esteem. Your spouse will never fulfill your desire for the perfect “happily-ever-after”. Why? Because, despite Disney’s  best attempts to teach us otherwise, your spouse won’t love perfectly.

Then, why does marriage exist? What was it created to point us towards?

Marriage should point us towards the perfect man. Marriage should show us our faults. Marriage should teach us grace. Marriage should remind us of the depth of God’s forgiveness. For it is in Him, we find true love. It is through Him, we find our self-worth, and it is in Him we find our “happily-ever-after” story. When we rely on Him for those things, relationship statuses don’t matter. Our status quo is dependent upon Him who cannot fail us. And in that, despite married, single, or somewhere between, we are complete.

For when we let Him write our story, He holds the pen steady. He is not fazed or surprised when life throws us a curve-ball. He guides our marriages towards His standards. He fulfills singleness and gives us purpose. He walks with us, and that’s why knowing Him is the greatest joy.

Over the past year, I’ve immersed myself in kids. From babysitting, to Sunday School teaching, to middle school mentoring, I’ve done it all! But there’s one thing that becomes more evident with each interaction, this generation needs to know Jesus. I’m not just talking about knowing “about” Him. They need to know Him personally. They need to understand His love is fulfilling. We sometimes need this reminder too.

Find your fulfillment in the greatest man to ever walk this earth. Let that fulfillment transfix your life to His will. Let it change how you live, how you interact with your spouse, or how you pursue relationships.

If you’re single, you were created with love. You have been pursued. Now, will you say “yes” to God’s direction for your life? He loves you greater than anyone else. Let Him romance you through life. Find contentment in Him. Let Jesus satisfy your deepest longings. Fall in love with your Savior again this Valentine’s Day.

We live in a culture that feels it necessary to live with a person before marriage, just to make sure we’re compatible. A culture that feels if we’re clashing with a spouse, it is acceptable to move on and keep searching. A culture that will tell you to sacrifice what you must to find the “perfect” man. But that isn’t God’s definition of love. Since He created it, I think it’s worth re-defining. When our heart’s journey seems long, it is not our current relationship status needing updated. It is where we’re putting our greatest hopes and dreams. Update those pursuits, and you’ll find lasting love.




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