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A Legacy of Faithfulness


Whether we have children or not, we want to leave a lasting impact on the world. There are different avenues for our impact to be made, but some are greater than others.

We live in a sinful world and to leave a lasting impact, something great must be pursued. Both of my grandfathers made it their mission to be found faithful preaching the Word of God.

This pursuit left a lasting impact on my life. When I write, I desire to be found faithful. The best fiction finds a way to inner-mix truth into the tale as it unfolds.

Not all of us are writers, but whatever your profession, whatever your talent, pursue God. Christmas is the easiest time of year to fulfill this goal. Every year, we reflect on the gift we received through the birth of a child. How can you gift someone else this year? And just maybe, how can you also tell them about God’s immense love?

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