Tuesday's Thought

To Live for Someone Worth Thanksgiving


Micah 6:8 “And what does the Lord require of you? To live justly, to love mercy, and walk humbly with your God.”

On this Thanksgiving, take a glimpse around the world. If you’ve never traveled, contemplate what you’ve witnessed on the news. Whether just south of the U.S. border or across oceans in Asia, I have witnessed the cruel hand of poverty. Poverty can’t imagine the Thanksgiving table or our rounded off stomachs. It can’t fathom a warm home, the furniture we sit on, or the healthy family bedside us.

We are so blessed. Work on gratefulness and compassion. Seek justice for those less fortunate, have mercy. These things are popular in the world today. However, it is much more difficult to truly act on this love.

To love people in an effective way, we must know a Savior, who loves perfectly. Between sometimes tiring discussions of Syrian refugees, the border, and hate crimes, we often find ourselves focusing on the issues leaving behind our primary objective. Above all else, we must walk with our Savior.

So this Thanksgiving before doing the popular thing, turn your focus to its purpose. Love God first so that you can love people best. Be thankful the God of the universe desires a relationship with you. True Christians know how much we–an undeserving people– are richly blessed. With this knowledge, we seek to show others God’s love.

For a fuller discussion on walking with our Savior through the busyness of the next month, check out my dad’s sermon. Be thankful today for a Savior who loves you with intensity and recognize others live in poverty without Him. Let your gratitude cause you to live with compassion for a world in need.

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