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The Future is In His Hands


So for those of you who have been following my blog, I’ve routinely been updating you on my progress towards publishing a novel. I recently set a goal to edit the point of view for my entire manuscript. In addition, I wanted the entire piece to be at least 71,000 words. Today, with these edits finished, I can present you with a 72,000 word piece. I’m very excited about these changes! I’ve also fulfilled a personal deadline to complete the revisions by October.

In the coming months, I hope to start submissions again and look into potential conferences.

On another note, fall is again upon us. It’s beautiful outside! Nelson and I are hoping to have a house to call home before the first flurries of winter. I have huge ideas and big plans for this new place. This will be our first home purchase, and we are eager. Throughout all the anticipation, the waiting, and the patience, we know God has been so faithful to us.

I am constantly reminded to pray for the future. God may see to provide us with the home of our dreams, He also may not. He may open doors for my book to be published, or He may not. Whatever He chooses, we are confident it will work towards His purpose and glory. We trust Him and find praying about all those uncertainties guides our motives. It’s assuring when life seems out of our hands to trust in a sovereign God. I learned this lesson while waiting for a godly man to enter my life. Nelson eventually appeared, but even if Nelson had never entered my life, God was still faithful and working for my best. I’m thankful to carry that lesson with me still.

Please pray with us for the future.

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