Tuesday's Thought

Sport to a Fool


Proverbs 10:23 Doing wickedness is like sport to a fool, and so is wisdom to a man of understanding.

I found this verse quite compelling today. As Christians, we should do life differently. We may not watch certain movies, drink alcohol, or pursue the opposite sex in the same ways as our peers. This will blow their minds at times, and we may get some flack for the way we live life.

Honestly though, if these friends aren’t Christians, we shouldn’t expect them to act or treat our actions with respect. They probably find these aspects of life enjoyable and think we’re missing out. Our job is not to defend our actions; rather, we need to defend the reason why our lives are lived differently. We aren’t defending our stance on alcohol. We aren’t defending our stance on marriage. We’re defending what these things should always point them too.

On the other hand, if said friend is a Christian, we may want to challenge them on their lifestyle choices. This is when we should gently but firmly defend the importance of living out scripture. In these talks, I’ve often heard the fellow Christian mention the reaction of non-Christians to our choices. It’s ironic, isn’t it? We can’t look to non-Christians or their reactions to determine how we should live our lives to glorify God, and yet many Christians will avoid following through with their responsibilities before God because they are afraid. Yes, that’s it…they are afraid their actions will turn away these friends. They are afraid their friends won’t understand. They are afraid to live differently. Could the fact that you’re a virgin turn away a non-Christian? Possibly. Could the fact that you’ve chosen to not drink turn away a non-Christian? Maybe. It also could quite possibly give them a unique level of respect for the way you live. It also could quite possibly point them to Christ.

I’ve had those reactions. Wait, what? You don’t drink. Or better yet…Wait, you didn’t go into a room or house with your husband alone until you were married? Or even…you aren’t serving alcohol? I don’t mind these questions from non-Christians. I expect them, but when I get these questions from my fellow Christians, I am saddened by our lack of passion. I am saddened by how much we’ve given away through the generations, and I am saddened by parents who never took a stand to hang on to Biblical values for their children. For my fellow Christians, the culture we live in should not be our standard. We need to stop appeasing everyone else and live to appease God first.

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