Tuesday's Thought

Of Fairy Tales and Wedding Bells

To my brother and soon-to-be new sister,
I could not be happier for you on this day. Marriage is a huge commitment, but it also is a wonderful blessing. You will always have someone on your side. Someone that makes life and marriage worth every minute!
It has taken a lot of time to collect my thoughts and determine if this blog was even worth writing. As Luke can testify, in our family there have always been some things that were priorities–God and each other. Everything else was supposed to fall under these two things.
Initially, I’ll admit I was skeptical about this new stranger Luke had found by chance online, but as time would have it, I came to find these things in her heart that were also dear to his. I have enjoyed seeing both of you serve side-by-side in the few months since returning home. It has been fun to see you live out life God’s way and to know that this will only improve as God works in your marriage, strengthening your relationship with each other and Him.
I have also enjoyed seeing your heart towards both your family and ours. As we have one-by-one gone off and gotten married, family has changed and been added to, but the heart and loyalty that resides among us has never changed. It has been fun today to watch aunts, uncles, and other family members welcome you into ours. You truly will find a home here and friendships that will always be supportive towards you and your soon-to-be husband.
For all these reasons, I can’t wait for the date you choose to stand before God together. I can’t wait to watch all your dreams fulfilled and the home you desire come to fruition. I know from talking with Luke that he could not be more excited, and since we are family we share in this excitement. We celebrate with you today, and we welcome you as a sister into our home. Speaking for all of us girls, we cannot wait for another shopping trip. We cannot wait to see a band added below that engagement ring. We cannot wait for you both to complete your fairy tale, and we wish you the best as you plan for your wedding day.
With happiness for you both,

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