Tuesday's Thought

Life with You


Dear Nelson,

God doesn’t make mistakes. Just the other day, you told me how He has worked in your life. Through the good and bad I also see how God’s fingerprints orchestrated our lives towards each other.

It has been an amazing year! A year full of mishaps (and yes, so many dinners without rice, which according to you is a crime against humanity). A year of learning–learning your tastes and preferences (laundry MUST be folded ninja style), learning to prioritize, learning “una Coca-Cola” (or I should say attempting to learn Spanish), and learning to make decisions together.  A year of laughter–screaming at waterbugs, T.V. marathons, and weekend adventures. A year of priceless memories–evening devotions, sleepovers in the living room, a first Christmas, and a new home. Can you believe it’s been a year?

On this, our first anniversary, I want to thank you for this first year, for marrying me, for being my best friend and spouse. I spent this last week publishing posts on 1 Corinthians 13 without sharing them with you until a few days ago. I have loved this first year, the memories we’ve made, and the moments we’ve shared, but I wanted to start this second year off with a refreshed and perhaps slightly better understanding of the commitment we made.

As of today, I want you to be reminded that a year ago a promise was made. I want you to know the depth of the commitment I took. The promise was to love, and in that promise, I pledged to never fail you. 1 Corinthians tells us how true love is depicted. I can’t fathom having the ability to perfectly carry out 1 Corinthians 13–as a matter-of-fact, I know I’ve failed at times . If anything, this study through the past week has been convicting, because I have seen my own faults with greater clarity.

Love never fails means that love is continual. God’s love towards us never changes. True love is a beautiful calm sea, ever flowing, constant, and true to its purpose. It is not based on feelings or momentary circumstances. It is an active choice, and it comes with sacrifice. In reading commentary about this passage online, there was great debate about whether it was truly possible for love to not fail its keeper. The simplest of answers is that we are imperfect and flawed lovers, so the Bible doesn’t describe us as love. It does, however, describe God as love. Any fragments of love we show have to be fully and totally based on His model.

As we start into our 2nd year of marriage, I recommit to love you with God’s heart–to be patient, when I am tempted to get irritated–to be kind–to not envy but be grateful–to not boast or be proud, but instead to act with humility– to bring honor to you in my words and actions–to think of you first–to hold my temper–to offer true forgiveness and grace–to celebrate your godly leadership of our home–to trust–to hope–and above all, to persevere through life with you.

With gratitude for the year of memories and anticipation for the years of love to come,


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