Tuesday's Thought

Leading a Home


Godly leadership is something to be celebrated in marriage. As a wife, it is important to recognize my husband’s godly leadership in our home.

1 Corinthians 13:6 “Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.”

Today, I want to celebrate my husband’s leadership qualities, the things that make him lead our home towards “truth”.

1. My husband shows Biblical love…from nutter-butters to flowers, from cleaning dishes to protecting my safety, from apologizing to encouraging…he is great at loving his wife.

2. My husband’s desire to be involved in a church 30 min. or less from our home. He wants to be able to talk to our neighbors and friends about the church we attend, to invite them, and to have a chance to witness to those we are around.

3. My husband’s giving heart. He is stingy and conservative when it comes to everyday shopping, but if the church is collecting money for building or if a missions organization is kicking off a trip, he immediately is talking about how much can we give.

4. My husband’s ability to witness. He doesn’t see this, but he connects with anybody and everybody. He can relate to people in a very “real way”. We will be walking out of the grocery store and the clerk will be talking to him like an old friend before we’ve left the line. I know that this is a gift God has given him to witness.

5. My husband’s willingness to serve. When asked, he will help me out around the house with anything I need. He notices when I’m tired, and he picks up the slack. He wants to be plugged in and serving in our local church.

6. My husband is passionate about prayer and devotions. He sets specific things we should pray for throughout the week.

7. My husband desires to represent Christ at work and will pursue other jobs if it makes it easier to do so.

8. My husband is willing to challenge other believers gently and is bothered by the “generation gap” in some churches today.

9. My husband sets standards for the movies we watch. He desires to please God and realizes that the things we watch and listen to can impact our thoughts and actions.

10. My husband understands that being home with me and doing things together improves our marriage. He sometimes comes home early from hanging out with other guys to spend time together.

I am grateful for the godly man I married and wanted to celebrate his leadership today.

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