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How do You Begin to Write for a Living?


This question haunts me daily.

In the past week, I’ve taken several steps to push forward.

1.) I ordered Jerry Jenkin’s anthology for Christian publishing. It is written each year with the sole purpose of helping writers meet the standards of the Christian publishing industry. I can’t wait for this book to arrive. My hope is to review my book according to the standards listed and to send it out polished. #delveindeep

2.) I then downloaded Jerry Jenkin’s self-editing tips and began to once again review and edit my book. Some of these tips are new to me, so it has been fun watching the transformation and improvement. Interestingly enough, as a Language Arts teacher, I was always told to have students avoid “said”; however, Jenkin promotes the use of “said”. This was a big learning moment. I am looking through several novels to review how published authors follow this rule. Check out the entire list: Self-Editing Secrets

3.) I also have begun studying point of view. Editors and agents don’t allow you to switch POV during a scene. I struggle with this particularly with internal monologue. Multiple characters can’t be sharing thoughts during one scene.  This means other characters have to show their thoughts. Authors do this to help their reader stay focused. This is something I’m studying by looking at other great novels to develop a better writing technique.

Pray for me and for God’s will in this process. The right doors will have to open. Until then, I will put in the work it takes to pursue my passion.

4 thoughts on “How do You Begin to Write for a Living?

  1. I feel like I’ve just started writing myself – this time to tackle a giant and I’m not sure I have what I need to secure victory. I know that real books are beyond me – but I think this project, my blog, is just for myself to be sure that I have it right even though I’m not taking the popular road.

      1. Thanks! And I want to wish you good luck as well – you seem to have quite a lot to say. One of my favorite quotes goes something like this: “God wouldn’t give you a passion to do something without giving you the skills to see it through.” So that means that He’s going to make writers out of both of us one way or another.

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