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Finding Home

Nelson returned on Monday. It’s wonderful to have him home. I think he was a bit shocked by the cold in the air, but overall we have no complaints.

I am continuing to research ways to present my book before agents and publishers in a successful manner. In order to obtain this goal, I am exploring paid blogs and magazine articles. These shorter texts will increase my resume and hopefully help me catch the eye of the right person. Please continue to pray for me on this journey.

In other news, we are hoping to have a house soon, and when we receive the official word, we are looking forward to sharing with you. A lot is happening with this process, and God is providing in big ways.

Meanwhile, I continue to babysit my nephew most weekdays.

Taking a glimpse of my life, I sit back and realize how crazy busy our days can become. It makes it hard to sit back and appreciate the blessings. This morning I walked outside and sent our horses into the pasture. Closing the gate, I caught a glimpse of the scene I captured above. I paused and took a breath.

This is home. I live here among the autumn skies of fall, where the clouds just hover abreast the fields. It is this place, where the land rolls out like the ocean waves and God’s artistry is vividly painted across the canvas, I find my home.

The beauty of God’s creation, the family He has provided to us, the roof over our heads, the quiet moments–all of these blessings from Him. Sometimes we need a moment to pause and contemplate God’s provision. Sometimes we need a moment to gratefully thank Him for allowing us to have a relationship with Him. We need to be in awe of our surroundings. We need to worry less and trust Him more.

In our busy lives, we often lose track of our blessings. Travel around the world. Take in the air of another country. Look at your neighbors and friends. Park your car on the side of the highway. Take in the landscape. How has God provided for you? If you have a relationship with God, why were you chosen before the foundation of the world? Are you that valuable or is God’s love that relentless? Build your gratitude and then glance around your world and notice who is in need. In need of a relationship with their Creator. In need of money. In need of love. In need of home.

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