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A List of Prayer Requests


ACFW is the primary organization which connects unpublished Christian authors with the industry. I spent some time reviewing one of their pages today. On it, they listed prayer requests a writer should have as they pursue their career. The following is the list from their page.

“Pray before pursuing writing for publication. Lord, is this what You want me to do? Pray before writing a word. Novels written in human strength alone show it.  Pray while writing.  Pray after the book’s completion. Pray as it’s shopped around. Pray as it’s rejected or accepted. Pray as it’s printed and marketed. Pray as it reaches the hands of readers. Pray (as the Bible says) without ceasing.”

I love these words. Yesterday, I asked for your prayers. If you think of me, this list is a summary of the things I need prayer for. I appreciate your encouragement and support, but most of all, I appreciate your prayers. I need them. This industry seems insurmountable at times, and only with God’s help will doors be opened.

Continuing to trust in His will for my life, yours in Christ,


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