Tuesday's Thought

A Christmas Tree Glistens


In a world filled with deceit, cynics, and bah humbuggers, it’s sometimes amazing we mark December with such glee. Every year, we set our calendars, mark off our gifts, and rush through the grocery store, looking for that final item. Meanwhile, the world continues broadcasting the latest drumbeat of politics, gossip, and violence. It truly amazes me how we joyfully carry out our holiday duties, while in stark contrast the world looms around us through the news, our work places, and dare I say, sometimes our own lifestyles.

When the day’s end comes, find a quiet moment. Stare at the branches of your Christmas tree. The beautifully light-dusted branches always make me take pause. In those seconds, I often find time to ponder hard questions. What have I really accomplished? Who have I reached for the baby I’m celebrating this December?

Don’t get me wrong, there’s more ways to bring God glory throughout the year, but the Bible calls us to be light. Light is beautiful. It dusts its glow softly but persistently. So who have we reached for Christ? And could we have reached more? After all, this is perhaps our most lasting legacy, and the truth many of us have to face, is, we’ve been busy this year. We’ve been busy like we have been all month, and the most important purpose we have, well, it got left in the dust.

Re-purpose this Christmas. The reason for the season is your sole purpose in life. Pray for who God would have you share His love, and let your lighted tree remind you of this purpose in the coming weeks. Before December 25th share with someone else His love.

If you don’t have a relationship with God, He desperately wants to be there for you.  He came for you 2000 years ago. Christmas isn’t just a beautiful story. It’s true hope and love at its purest. If you want to know more, I’d love to talk to you.

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