Tuesday's Thought

John Bible Study

My eighth grade girls group is progressing through John a bit slower than I had initially hoped, so if you were following along with us…this post is overdue to say the least. Anyhow, here are the questions for chapters 13 through 16. Next week we’re finishing up. I think this has been a good challenge for these girls. They are noticing what time they really devote to spending with God and likewise, they are growing closer to Him. We have some great discussions about the reading. After next week, I think we’re going to do a brief Bible overview and pull out key chapters from the Old and New Testament to give them a broader picture of God’s plan and ultimate victory. Enjoy!


Chapter 13: How are we supposed to love (vs. 34)?


Chapter 14: What does Jesus tell us about heaven in vs. 2-3? _______________________________________________________


How is it possible that we can do greater works than Jesus? ___________________________________________________


Chapter 15: How is God glorified (vs. 8)?


Should we expect non-Christians to understand and accept what we believe? __________________________________


Chapter 16: How has Jesus overcome the world?



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