John Bible Study

So my Wednesday night group is reading through John during their private devotional time. We get together and discuss the chapters they read and some basic questions and concepts to pull from these chapters each week. Below are questions for the first six chapters. Discovering the answers to these questions, helps ground the girls in their faith. Hopefully if you’re struggling in your personal devotions, this is something you can do each week to strengthen your time with God. Have a great week!

Week 1: Notes

Chapter 1: *Who is the Word? The Light? ________________________________

*How long has Jesus existed? __________________________________________

*What was John the Baptist’s job? ______________________________________


Chapter 2: *What miracle happened in this chapter? _______________________

*Why was Jesus upset with the businessman? _____________________________


*Did Jesus have the right to be angry?  Why or why not?____________________


Chapter 3: *Matthew 3:3, 16-18 What does it mean to be born again? __________________________________________________________________


Chapter 4: *Jesus meets a woman at the well. What kind of water does he talk to her about?__________________________________________________________


*Who does Jesus claim to be? _________________________________________

Chapter 5:*What is the Sabbath? _______________________________________

*Why did the Jews want to kill Jesus? ___________________________________

Chapter 6:*What miracles does Jesus perform? ____________________________


*What is manna? ____________________________________________________

*Who sent Jesus? ____________________________________________________

*Why do some of Jesus’ followers leave? ________________________________


*Do you know people that don’t believe in Jesus, because of who he claimed to be? ________________ Write down one person you can pray for:____________

*Who has to draw people to God? _____________________________________

Memorize: Romans 10:9 If you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.

Shout out to Natasha. She is waiting to find her forever family. Please pray for Natasha. For more information, click here.

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