Tuesday's Thought

Finding Home

So there’s this boy listed on Holt’s waiting child photolisting page, and he’s been listed for a few years.  I regularly check the page to pray for some of the kids, and Jimmy is just one of those kids I desperately wanted to see get a family.  Jimmy’s profile was posted several years ago.  I noticed it immediately– maybe because he wasn’t in a foster placement, like many of Holt’s kids.  He was living in a boy’s orphanage, amongst many other children, who also were waiting for their families.  He was older and had been there for some time.  Jimmy, because he was living in southeast Asia, reminded me of the kids in Thailand, but his situation reminded me more of the kids I visited in an orphanage in Mexico.  I always wondered about one particular young boy in the orphanage in Mexico.  I wondered if he ever found home full of love, or maybe was he more like Jimmy…maybe, he’s 10 and still waiting in an orphanage.  Today I went back to the photolisting page, hoping to see a few of the children were going home.  To my surprise and excitement, Jimmy’s photo had typed across it in big letters “As of 8/10/12 this child’s file will not be sent to additional families”…often after this happens, a few weeks later, I see the child’s photo has been moved to “Children Now Matched and Home” page.  I couldn’t be more excited to have watched a child, after years of waiting, find his home.

If you’ve never scrolled through and read the profiles of children waiting to be adopted, I want to encourage you to do so today.  It isn’t always easy.  Sometimes it’s rather bittersweet, but praying for a child that God loves, who is half-way around the world, when he or she doesn’t know you care, can make a difference. I often think about how God created that child, how He loves them desperately, so much so that He wants them to be His own, and then I wonder, who will tell him–You are loved.  You are wanted. Sometimes, all too often, I know there is a good probability no one ever will, so your prayers are needed.  A child will lay in bed tonight, wondering what their future holds, and you have the opportunity to ask God to move in extraordinary ways.   There is an entire generation made up of millions and millions of orphans.  They need to hear the truth of God’s love and provision, and they need to know the love of bold, Christian families.  If we can reach them with the gospel, millions upon millions of children would step into this generation to reach the world for Him.

Matthew 19:26

And looking at them Jesus said to them, “ With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

May I suggest, we start a habit of praying for a specific waiting children today.  Pray that a solid, Christian family will step forward to bring them home.  Pray that the child will grow in their knowledge of God.  Pray that God will open doors for the child’s family, whether that means covering adoption expenses or insurance and medical needs, and above all, pray boldly.  It may take years, but trust me, it’s worth it! Start asking God today to use His people to transform the lives of these children.  It all begins with one step.


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