Tuesday's Thought

When Your Heart Breaks

Next month I turn 5 years old.  In your home, my birthday would be a  BIG deal.  There’d be cake and maybe ice cream.  My face and possibly shirt would be covered in it, but it’s my birthday. You wouldn’t scold me.  There’d be a present on the table.  You might even help me open it.  It’d be so exciting!

But next month is my birthday, and I’m not home, not yet.  I don’t know whether they’ll have cake for me or presents, because I’m not home.  Five isn’t something to be celebrated for me– not here.  Five is a year too old.  It means I’m growing taller.  It means I’m growing smarter, but people don’t want that.  Five is a horrible year.  Why do I have to turn five?  Could I stay at four?

But no matter how much I fight it, next month I’ll turn five.  I’ll turn five, and I’ll grow.  I’ll smile on that day, but you should know, my heart will break inside– because I turned five, and my mom doesn’t know.


Meet Donald and Daniel.  Both young boys turn five at the end of August.  Both boys have some special needs, but don’t let that scare you away.  Both boys need homes and have waited for a family since infancy.  You can click on their photos for more information, or for information on other waiting children click here.

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