Tuesday's Thought

The Greatest Cause is Seeing them Home

Sometimes it is very depressing to me to see that the same group of siblings a year or even several years down the road are still waiting to be adopted.  There’s a fear that slowly is becoming a reality for these kids.  The fear that they’ll never find a family, and it saddens me.  They are no less loveable.  If thrown in with a group of children, they would blend in.  No one would recognize they hadn’t experienced the love of a family, or even, may never find that kind of love.  But when we’re aware of what’s happening to them, we become accountable in a sense.  It churns my stomach, because as I watch they will age out.  And no, I can’t do all that I wish to do for them, but I can pray.  I can give them a voice, and somebody somewhere will hopefully care enough to take the next step.

I think this is one of the greatest causes you can fight for–the waiting, orphaned children of the world.  Imagine spending a childhood begging on the streets or wasting away your youth in an institution.  No wonder so many orphaned children age out of the system and can’t make it in the real world.  Put yourself in their shoes.  You were sent to live either in the U.S. foster care system or in an orphanage somewhere around the world when you were just a few days old.  But for whatever reason, maybe you had a special need, maybe you had “too many” siblings, you were never chosen to be loved by a family.  Each year you hoped, but it just never happened.  Maybe, the stories a bit different than that, maybe you watched your family die from a disease or from malnutrition, and you entered the system at an age that was well…just a bit “too old”.  Whatever your story, you’ve been waiting, and you’ve entered that age range where it’s just not likely to happen for you.  What a sense of hopelessness that would be.  For millions of children around the world, this is their story.  It’s heartbreaking.

But there’s something you can do.  Pray.  Advocate for a specific waiting child.  Print their photo and pray for him or her or that sibling group daily.  Ask friends and family if they might consider or do they know anyone that is considering adoption.  Pray with bold faith.  Pray for that child’s family, who you may never meet, but maybe are considering adoption for the first time.  Pray they will have wisdom.  Pray that God will open their hearts to who He is, and in time, that will open their hearts to the loveliness of an older child or a child with special needs that He created.  And by all means, consider adoption.  Make a list of reasons why you should or should not adopt a child.  Not every family can or should adopt, but there are many more that should consider it, that don’t.  You could bring God home his precious daughter or son by reaching out to a child in need.  At the very least, you could impact a very special and possibly unknown family with prayer.  But either way, don’t stop at “it’s heartbreaking”, because in that place, if you’re a Christian, you dishonor God, who has called us to reach the least of these (Matthew 25:40) with hope.

After several years of following different waiting children and praying for them to find families that are Christ-centered, there is a particular sibling group that is pressing on my heart today.  They’ve waited a long time.  If you would like more information or would consider helping me advocate for them, click here.  Once on this website, if you click “Add to Favorites” you can get in contact with their agency.  The children range in age from 15 to 9 years old.  What breaks my heart about this foursome is that 15 is close to aging out in many countries, and I just hate the thought of these kids never finding home.

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