Tuesday's Thought

Assurance of Heaven-Is it possible?

I just started reading How Can I be Sure I’m a Christian by Donald S. Whitney for a second time.  It is a really great book, and I think it will be something I might occasionally post about on my blog.  Enjoy!

According to researcher George Barna, 99% of Americans believe they’re going to heaven.  The Bible states otherwise though.  In Matthew 7:13, Jesus states that the road to heaven is narrow and few will enter it.  Later in that same passage Jesus states that many will think they are entering heaven, and He will respond “I never knew you.”

Unfortunately, many people feel sure they are going to heaven because of all the “good” things they’ve done, or because they were baptized, or went to church, but according to Ephesians 2:8-9 no one can be saved by any action of their own.  This is profound–if we can’t be saved by our actions, than what can save us?

There’s only one person–Jesus Christ.  We all mess up and, therefore, can never have a right relationship with God in and of ourselves, but Jesus lived a perfect life.  And because He did, He could rightfully take our punishment.  So if we confess with our mouth and believe in our heart that He is Lord (Romans 1:9-10), we will be saved.  Only then, by His grace and mercy, can we go to heaven.  So is it possible to have assurance of heaven?–yes!

A shout out today to a boy named Brent.  He is 9 going on 10 years old and has been waiting to go home to a family since he was two.  He is a smart child with several special needs.  Brent has cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, and mild paraplegia.  As a teacher having had experience with children with special needs such as this, I can tell you how much joy this child could be to a family.  Please help me advocate for him, pray for him, and try to help him find a family of his own.  For more information about Brent click here.

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