Tuesday's Thought

Evangelism– Living a Life Worthy of the Calling

“Live a life worthy of the calling you have received.”

Ephesians 4:1

If you’re truly a Christian–realizing that in and of yourself you can’t have a relationship with God, and only through His son’s death on the cross, in your place, can your relationship with Him be restored–then the above verse should be your life’s anthem.

This morning we had a speaker from the Philippines at church.  He spoke about “making the most of every opportunity”–evangelism.  I think all too often we fall short in speaking with people about Christ.  Our sole purpose in this life is to bring glory to God, and if we claim to be following Him, one way to bring Him glory is to share about what He has done for us.

We should be bold in this.  It shouldn’t be an occasional thing, but an everyday practice.  We should be intentional.  For example, the speaker suggested going inside the gas station, learning the clerk’s name, and repeatedly interacting with that person over time for the purpose of sharing Christ with them.

I think we need to evaluate our own lives.  How are we doing with sharing Christ?  Are you living a life worthy of Him?

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